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Samantha's approach

Samantha is passionate about educating and inspiring others to make healthier choices in consultation and through nutritional workshops, seminars and webinars.  She encourages others to follow a non-diet approach, focusing on nourishing the body, building a good relationship with food.  

Samantha has been described as approachable, down to earth and an empath by nature.  She works with you, not against you and takes a gentle approach, providing emotional support where needed.  

Her approach is to treat you as a whole, looking at all body systems and getting to the root cause of your health concern.  She believes signs and symptoms are the body’s way of communicating to us to make a change and that it wants to protect us in every way it can.  Working together you can understand what those messages are and act upon them accordingly.

  • The first step on your health journey!

    1 hr

    $120 (Ch) $150 (Ad)
  • To discuss the next stage in your health journey

    30 min

    $60 (Ch) $75 (Ad)
  • A nutritional perspective on pathology using optimal reference ranges

    30 min

    75 Australian dollars
  • It's time to take the guess work out of your supplement routine.

    30 min

    75 Australian dollars
  • To review current diet and receive general advice on ways to improve.

    30 min

    75 Australian dollars

Consultations and other services

Health rebates are available for the below consultations depending on your provider  

If you experience any of the following symptoms or conditions, I can help you!


• Food allergies and intolerances
• Fatigue / Low vitality

• Headaches / Migraines

• Low Libido 

• Gut Health (inc. IBS, IBD, SIBO and symptoms associated e.g. contsiptation, diarrhoea, bloating, gas, reflux, heartburn, belching). 

• Hormonal Health

(inc PMS, irritability, mood swings, heavy bleeding, cramping, hot flushes, infertility, irregular cycles)

• Immune Support
• Insomnia / difficulty sleeping
• Joint and Muscle Pain
• Mental Health (inc anxiety, depression)
• Food cravings
• Skin conditions (eczema, acne, psoriasis)
• Sustainable weight loss ⠀⠀

• Brain fog ⠀

Still unsure if I can help you?

What to expect at your consult...

Samantha spends time listening to and collating information looking at diet, lifestyle, medical history and any challenges you present.  She considers gut health, hormones, liver, adrenals, and thyroid function as well as any other body systems linked to your health concern.  This allows her to get a comprehensive picture of your health.  


With this information, Samantha will then tailor a health plan to meet your individual needs. She will educate you on what your body is trying to say and assist you in developing healthy habits for proper nourishment.  Pracitioner Grade Nutritional supplements may also be recommended to help overcome challenges at the early stages.  

  • Complete Stool Analysis 

  • DNA Testing 

  • Food Sensitivity Testing 

  • DUTCH Hormone Test (sex and adrenal)

  • QML Pathology (various)

  • Hair Mineral Analysis 

  • Organic Acids Test (Oats)

Some of the testing methods used in clinic: -

Clinic Rooms

Consultations are undertaken via Zoom online video call or by appointment at my physical clinic located in Heathwood, West of Brisbane, Qld.