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To truly heal,
one must nourish the mind, body
& soul. 


Hi, I'm Samantha 

A qualified clinical nutritionist with a special interest in gut and mental health.  I am also the host of the podcast "Wholehearted Health & Nutrition". I a mum of young boys, writer, lover of food, seeker of nature and am on a mission to inspire and empower others to follow their own health journey and thrive.   

It isn't just about what we eat - it’s the biochemical reactions within us and how we absorb, eliminate, move, think and feel.  We are all unique.  It's time we get to know our bodies, and work with them. 

Let me show you how amazing you truly are. 

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Green Goodness

"Samantha has been fantastic! She took the time to listen to my health history and has worked with me to finally figure out what was causing my symptoms. Her knowledge of nutrition and its effects on the body and contribution to many ailments is exceptional. She is also very personable and easy to talk too.!" 


—  Angela Mackie